Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Response to Sapienza Email

Below is my response to his email. The format is odd number paragraphs are his comments, even numbered my response to that comment. Since I am pretty sure posting this will get me blocked from this page forever, I just want to encourage everyone to keep up the fight.

Thank you for e-mailing regarding our new podcast policy. I understand and hear your frustration. Over the last 12 months we have seen an increase in our radio listening, for that I thank you.

Don’t thank me. I live over 300 miles away and can’t listen to your station.

In order for our business model to work, we need people to enjoy our product on the radio or on the web when it originally airs.

If your business model is cling to one particular technology and defend it to the death (and it WILL die) in the face of newer content delivery technologies, I can see your point.

I am sure you understand the importance of sticking to your business model and for that reason; unfortunately, we had to make this change.

What I understand about business models is that you better be able to adapt them to changing markets or you will die on the vine. Have you ever heard of the newspaper business? Stop thinking of yourself as being in the radio business, and start thinking of yourself as being in the content delivery business. You have one of the most popular national pundits on sports and popular culture ON YOUR PAYROLL, and you are destroying a potentially huge new source of revenue and a chance to make ESPN980 relevant nationwide, choosing instead to marginalize this asset to protect local radio ratings.

The good news is you can hear all of our shows live (via 980am, 92.7 and 94.3 FM) or streaming live at

Again, since I can’t, as 79% of your podcasters can’t, actually listen to any of your shows live as I live far away and have a job, I’m not sure how this is good news.

We even offer the show via the phone free of charge...712-432-1980. The podcasts are not going away,

- just being delayed, marginalized, and made irrelevant.

We would like to thank you for supporting our programming. Please feel free to e-mail me in the future when you have any questions.

Only if you promise to stop replying with form letters.

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