Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook: The Perfect Tool For A Tool Like Me

Rona and I are heading to Washington, DC, this weekend so I can play in the 45th anniversary alumni rugby game at American University.  This in itself is a somewhat astonishing development.  For nearly 20 years, I have made no attempt to stay in touch with, or reconnect with, anyone from my past.  There is a fairly simple reason for this- when I left high school, and subsequently college, I never really got the impression that anyone cared.  Or even knew that I left.  Or even noticed I was there.  

Also, I pretty much assumed this was how it worked.  Life goes in phases, one ends, another begins.  Who really has time to keep track of all of those relationships?  As it turns out, lots of people. 

Even more stunningly, turns out there was a whole bunch of people out there who did notice I was there, took note of my leaving, and wondered what the hell ever happened to me.  And all of these revelations came to me via a single source:  Facebook.  Got me 155 friends on there, yessir, and most of them are from high school and college.  Not an earth shattering total, I realize, but for a 42 year man carrying around all of the assumptions laid in out paragraphs 1&2, none too shabby.

The most surprising part is that the only one surprised is me.  

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