Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Yup, this is it.  My blog.  The title "Since No One Asked", says it all.  When someone says to me "who asked you", I've always replied "if I waited for someone to ask me, I would never get to say anything".  I have no illusions as to why I am so infrequently asked my opinion:  my opinions are seldom very much fun.  Snarky, a little sarcastic, and much more long winded than they probably need to be, certainly.  They also tend to be thought provoking and sometimes just generally provoking.  I will say in my defense that I save my strongest opinions for only those things about which I consider myself well informed.  

WOW- that paragraph makes me sound like an asshole.  I'll try to mix in some lighter stuff, too.  Stay tuned.

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